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Costa Rica Travel Guide

This amazing country boasts numerous attractions in many different areas, but a lot of tourists end up staying in the wrong place for their entire Costa Rica Vacation because they read exaggerated reviews or listen to comments from people who claim to be very knowledgeable about everything from areas to accommodations and even property sales. Certainly you can understand that it makes no sense to plan a $2,000 dollar trip, based on bad information from someone who passed by an area yet, really did not get the chance to know it. Needless to say, these blog writers, which are completely false in many cases can and do cause huge confusions amongst not only tourism readers but also among many Costa Rica Real Estate enthusiast as well, simply because they like to gossip. Our idea is to help you learn how to plan your trip to Costa Rica correctly.

How to Build a Costa Rica Itinerary

Visitors should not reserve anything until they figure out or talk to a qualified agency about what they want to do and see. I cannot express that strong enough. Every single Costa Rica Hotel you choose will depend entirely upon what you’re going to be doing. Although this country is only the size of West Virginia, it takes along time to drive from one place to another. Before you decide to jump out and book a Costa Rica Car Rental for a week, let’s figure out what you will need it for. This is the exact reason this website was created for. It is meant to be unbiased and helpful, but at the same time it gives users helpful knowledge or tells the user how to find what your looking for.

What do you want to do in Costa Rica

A huge number of the Costa Rica Day Tour options can be done no matter where that you stay. Take canopy tours or Zip lines as an example, there are over 50 of them in the country. At the same time let’s look at Costa Rica Diving, whale watching or turtle nesting; now these can only be done from certain areas. The same rule applies for things such as Costa Rica Fishing, volcanoes, national parks, specific waterfalls or whitewater rafting and don’t forget about the amazing animals that can only be seen from certain areas. Even things such as Costa Rica Golf will also dictate where that you will stay. So, first make a list of what you want to do and then begin placing towns next to them that will accommodate the activities.

Understanding Costa Rica Prior to Selecting Accommodations

Once your activity list is complete then you’ll need a good Costa Rica Map so you can familiarize yourself with where each area is located. Everything written below is from my personal travels that began in 1992 and then I moved here eight years ago and still currently live in Costa Rica full time. Below is a general description of each area that should help in planning.

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